About Rare Earth Minerals

Richard Griffiths (age 45) Chairman

Mr Griffiths has, since 1996, been a strategic investor in small private companies and has extensive experience across a number of sectors including insurance, rehabilitation technology, e-commerce, fuel cards, telecoms and the music industry and has held a number of private and public company directorships.

Mr Griffiths is a member of both the Audit and Remuneration committee.

David Lenigas (aged 49), Non- Executive Director

Mr Lenigas is currently the Executive Chairman of Lonrho plc, LonZim plc, Leni Gas & Oil plc; Solo Oil plc and holds directorships either as an executive director and non-executive director on numerous other public and private companies. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Mining Engineering) from Curtin University's Kalgoorlie School of Mines. Mr Lenigas has extensive operational and corporate experience in managing companies within the oil and gas, gold, coal and other natural resources sectors.

Mr Lenigas is the Chairman of both the Audit and Remuneration committee.